Bandage Care Instructions

It is very important that the bandage stays clean and dry

Please make sure that your pet cannot lick, chew or damage the bandage. A buster collar should be used to prevent this when you cannot supervise your pet.

Please keep cats indoors

For dogs: Cover the bandage with a waterproof cover when outside. Your dog should only go on short lead walks and outside to the toilet. 

It is important that this cover is removed when inside, because it will prevent air getting into the bandage.A

Please contact the surgery if:

  • The bandage comes off
  • The bandage looks like it has slipped or has bunched up
  • The bandage gets wet
  • You notice any discharge or bleeding soaking through the bandage
  • You notice swelling of the limb or tail above or below the bandage
  • Any sores appear around the edges of the bandage
  • There is an unpleasant smell coming from the bandage

These can all be signs that there is a problem with the bandage and an appointment should be made so that it can be checked. Please contact the surgery if you have any concerns.

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