Pet Health Care Plan

Join our Pet Health Plan today and give your pet life-long preventative care whilst saving money too!

At Filey Veterinary Practice we understand looking after your pet can be costly and your pet requires care and attention. This is why we have created our Pet Health Plan to give you peace of mind and provide the preventive health care at a more affordable cost for your pet.

Our Pet Health Plan membership covers the essential treatments your pet needs throughout their life and by spreading the costs every month by direct debit, this plan gives your pet everything they need though out the year.

Our routine Pet Health Plans are for dogs, cats and rabbits and start from just £16.00 per month


Look what benefits are included:

  • Annual vaccinations including a health check with a vet
  • Year-round flea, worm & tick treatment (dogs & cats)
  • Six-month health check with a nurse
  • Nail Clips with a nurse
  • Anal Gland expression with a nurse
  • Microchipping
  • 10% discount on neutering and dental procedures
  • 10% discount on in house blood tests and long-term medications
  • Flystrike prevention (for rabbits)

Please click on the link below to register your pet today.

Once registration is complete, a member of staff will contact you to take your first payment in house and then your plan will be activated.

Please note this is not pet insurance and it can be taken out even if your pet is not insured.

If you require further information on our health plans, please contact us on 01723 513119.

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