Guinea pig post-operative discharge intructions

After a General Anaesthetic or Sedation

Following an anaesthetic or sedation your guinea pig may be quieter than usual and drowsy tonight. Keep them warm, dry and comfortable and allow them to rest. If they are kept with another guinea pig please watch them for the first few hours to ensure the guinea pig that has had surgery is not being chased or harassed. If this does happen separate them but ideally so that they can still see and smell each other.  Try not to handle excessively tonight and don’t let children disturb them.

If possible keep your guinea pig in their usual cage because, being prey animals, guinea pigs feel more secure in a familiar environment.


Your guinea pig will already have been offered food after he/she recovered from anaesthesia and food and water should be available as soon as you arrive home. It is very important that your guinea pig eats after surgery and anaesthesia. Guinea pigs develop complications more quickly than other species when their appetite is poor. Please call the surgery tomorrow morning if your guinea pig is not eating or has a poor appetite.

Please monitor your guinea pigs faeces and contact the surgery if you notice fewer droppings or diarrhoea. 

Sachets of recovery food, that can be given via syringe, are available if you would like to purchase these.


Please try to restrict exercise for 10 days, especially jumping.


Please keep wounds clean and dry for 10 days. Clean your guinea pigs bedding or litter tray regularly to help keep wounds clean.

Dissolvable sutures or glue have been used and these will dissolve over the next 3-4 weeks. It is important that the wound or sutures are not chewed, if this happens contact the surgery.

Check the surgical wound twice daily and contact the surgery if you notice any redness, bleeding, swelling, discharge or unpleasant smell. Especially in the summer, be vigilant for signs of fly strike.  

Pain relief

Your guinea pig has been given injections of pain relief before surgery and these will last for up to 24 hours. If necessary the vet will have prescribed oral pain relief medication for you to continue at home. It is worth remembering that because they are prey animals guinea pigs do not tend to show when they are in pain, so please continue to give pain relief for at least 4-5 days following surgery.

Special Instructions:

If your male guinea pig has been castrated please be aware that he can remain fertile for up to 6 weeks following surgery and so should not be kept with unspayed females

If you have any concerns you can telephone the surgery on 01723 513119 at any time.


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